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The custom console includes a monitor controller, and an insert router. The console is passive across the board using double contact silver switches which are almost impossible to acquire now. No amplifier is used at all even on the monitor signal path. The console was designed and beautifully...


Out of two years' research on the sampling rate converter, and the DSP technology, this combination came into existence. JCF Audio's Latte is digitizing the analog signal at 192Khz/24. By Josh Florian's brilliant design, this non Sigma-Delta converter gives me the PCM signal that doesn't have...

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One of the essential gears to keep us maintaining a great playback system for mixes are the line amplifiers. Two different types of amplifiers are in use. One that sits on top of the rack is the solid state line amp built by Josh Florian. And the next two mono amps are the Mastering Lab's...

jwm meter.jpg

VU meter panel on the console. 4 250Gs, and 2 450Gs from Triplett. The good VU meters can show loads of information about the music they play. The question is whether you are literate or not. It's so sad that these great meters from Triplett are not made any longer.


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