JWM rack_new1.jpg

Jacob's Well Mastering

The utmost cares were put to achieve the best playback system to play the mixes since the quality of the mastering is bounded by the quality of the playback of the sources itself. All the gears in the racks including lots of the original Mastering Lab gears are custom built or heavily modified by the Mastering Lab and Josh Florian at JCF Audio using topologies, and parts that are tested through the careful listening evaluations

To ensure the quality playback system, the electric power is kept as clean as possible. Right from the electric pole, a new power line was established, even then, the power for the audio devices was totally separated from other sources that emanate noises such as computers, appliances, lights and so on.

Since we're not a big fan of DSP(Digital Signal Processing), our signal chain is retained on analog domain across the board. But for some spots that we can't avoid using DSPs such as a brickwall limiter, oversampling filters on DAC, ADC circuits, we have implemented a revolutionary, unconventional DSP system which sprang from the 2 years' research on this area to make sure the DSP leaves the smallest amount of artifacts possible.