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Jacob's Well Mastering

The utmost cares were put to achieve the best playback system to play the mixes since the quality of the mastering is bounded by the quality of the playback of the sources itself. All the gears in the racks including lots of the original Mastering Lab gears are custom built or heavily modified by the Mastering Lab and Josh Florian at JCF Audio using topologies, and parts that are tested through the careful listening evaluations

To ensure the quality playback system, the electric...


Sangwook "Sunny" Nam

As The Mastering Lab founder Doug Sax likes to say "If Sunny had not existed, I would have tried to invent him."

Prior to joining The Mastering Lab in July, 2005, Sunny had been a mastering engineer at his own facility in Seoul, Korea for five years. He is an experienced recording engineer, record producer and choir conductor. Coupled with his extensive studio and musical experience, he also has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, which gives him an exceptional capacity to marry the artistic with the technical. This "man of all seasoning" has mastered the unique Mastering Lab...