This is still one of my favorite songs I worked on in the last year, glad we've got a beautiful video now. I had the pleasure of producing and mixing this one. @Christian James mastered by Sangwook Sunny Nam With a little cello help from Michelle Packman #producer #mixer #LA #Nashville #FiretowerEntertainment #24violins

Silence is golden! All of the audio equipment are using separate power supplies stored in the machine room. We make sure to separate the AC power for audio from other sources that emanate noises people don’t often think about: computers, appliances, lights, etc as well.

The great rock opera album “Love or Destiny” by Null Paradox. Mixed by Steve Sykes and produced by ”John “JR” Robinson, the most recorded drummer in history.

A look at our custom console! Includes a monitor controller, and an insert router. The console is passive across the board using double contact silver switches which are almost impossible to acquire now. No amplifier is used at all even on the monitor signal path. Designed and beautifully built by Josh Florian at JCF Audio

#FunFactFriday The name of the Jacob’s Well comes from the Gospel of John. It is described as the place where a conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman took place. As a Christian, I am very happy to have my studio named from the Bible.